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Worried Your Flat Feet Won’t Hold Up During the Holidays?

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Flat Feet |

Flat feet plague many Americans and perhaps one of the worst times to have fallen arches is the winter holiday season. Why? Many people are destined to spend hours standing in line waiting to pay for holiday gifts, see Santa or mail holiday cards and packages. There are also those cocktail parties, holiday caroling sessions and strolls through the Christmas lights that will undoubtedly have people on their feet for long stretches of time too. So what should a flat-footed individual do at this time of year? Your Largo podiatrist has some answers: Arch Supports, Socks and Shoes Donning a first-rate pair of arch supports, therapeutic socks and proper footwear before heading out to enjoy hours of holiday fun is one option to consider. Your podiatrist can help you find just the right ones. Once you have them on, they’ll help ease the amount of pressure being put on your body and keep the blood flowing in the right direction. Line Exercises While you’re standing in line, consider doing a bit of exercise as well. We’re not talking about channeling your inner Jack LaLanne here. Otherwise, you might attract the attention of the mall security guards. Simple ankle rotations and walking in place may help to reduce edema and give your flat feet a bit of a break. Foot Massage If you happen to be in a shopping mall or center where foot massages are available, take advantage of them periodically. They are likely to make you feel better and it’s a great excuse to carve out a few quiet moments for yourself. If you can’t visit a professional, tuck a personal foot massager into your purse. That way, you can lightly massage your own feet during the car ride home. Eat Right Lastly, there are certain foods and nutritional supplements available that may reduce edema caused by standing on flat feet for hours at a time. The list includes potassium rich foods like raisins, bananas, baby carrots, nuts and yogurt. So, you may want to pack a snack for those trips to the mall or hit the food court before you hit the...

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Five Tips to Help Avoid Pain in the Arch of Your Foot

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Foot Arch Pain |

Oh, the wondrous and blissful side effects that come along with getting older. Remember when you used to stay up to watch Letterman every night or how you could eat nothing but pizza and chicken mcnuggets seven days a week? What about the days when you could run a half marathon after a full day of work? Now, if you’re like middle-aged Americans, you can barely make it up to see primetime television, you’re on a strict low-fat, low-sodium, and even lower taste diet, and every time you so much as walk to the car in the morning, there is a nagging and downright debilitating pain in the arch of your foot. Well, other than increasing your caffeine intake, which has its own set of problems, there’s not a lot we can do about staying up later at night. As far as pizza and chicken mcnuggets goes, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that you can’t gorge yourself on that stuff anymore. There are, however, a few things you can do to avoid that nasty pain in your feet, which is probably caused by fallen arches and plantar fasciitis. Warm Up and Cool Down – Follow the guidelines for a healthy stretching routine. If you don’t know how to properly go about this, ask your Largo podiatrist. Heck, even a simple Google search will give you some results. Alright, we will make it easy for you, click here for a couple ideas. Wear Supportive Footwear – Spend the money it takes to get proper fitting and quality footwear with good arch supports. Most sufferers of fallen arches and plantar fasciitis are born with high arches that sag as they get older. Good footwear can prevent this from becoming a problem. Flat feet, however, can become just as problematic. So, really we should all be wearing good footwear to avoid this potentially painful condition. Take It Easy – If your heel starts to hurt, take a rest. If the pain doesn’t go away after several days of resting, it may be time to see a podiatrist. Orthotics – Special insoles to support the arch of the foot can provide some much needed help. You can buy these at your local drugstore (not recommended), or you can have them specially made and custom fit for your feet. It can take awhile to get just the right one for your foot, but sometimes it can be just what you needed. Weight Control – Yes, maintaining a sensible diet with your ideal weight can be beneficial in many ways. It makes sense to think that the more weight your arches are supporting, the more easily they will fall and become painful. If you are able to successfully recover from the pain of fallen arches with these five tidbits or any other methods, go ahead and treat yourself to an evening of Letterman and pizza. Stay away from the mcnuggets though. After all, let’s be reasonable about...

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